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Eat Your Beans

 1Eat Your Beans

Eat your beans! Nutrient compounds called 'flavonoids' have been found to be effective antioxidants that help protect against heart disease and cancer. These flavonoids are found in the coating of such beans as navy, pintos, kidney, great northern and black beans.

2Don't try to be perfect

Most dieters try to be perfect.Alas, no one is perfect.Result? They fail, and give up dieting in disgust.Wake up to the truth! Trying to be perfect is one of the quickest ways to fail.

A better approach
Aim to improve your eating habits gradually.This makes it easier to succeed.And success makes it MUCH easier to carry on.

3You are only as healthy as your blood

If your blood is purified and cleansed you can reverse the damage of an unhealthy lifestyle and greatly improve your current weight and health condition, whatever that may be. If your blood is healthy, it is carrying all the necessary nutrients to every part of your body.
If your arteries are open and clear then your blood has no problem doing its life supplying, nutrient carrying job.
Natural eating will help you get your arteries clear and your blood purified. Fat loss will naturally and quickly follow, automatically.




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