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Some Very Good Herbal Oils

Gingili and Lime Oil:
500 gms Gingili oil
Juice of 1 Lime

Heat the oil in a pan till it froths. Remove.
Strain the limejuice and add gradually to the hot oil.
Strain when it is cool and use.

Coconut and Bottle Gourd Oil:
250 gms Coconut oil
250 gms Bottle Gourd ( Ghia, Doodhi)

Grate the gourd with the peel. Blend in a liquidizer and strain well to extract juice.
Heat the Coconut oil in a pan. Gradually add the vegetable juice. Boil till all the water evaporates. Cool and bottle.

Pepper With Coconut Oil.
1 cup Coconut oil
1 tspn rice grains
1 tspn Peppercorns

Heat everything together. When rice grains turn brown, remove and cool.
Warm the oil before use.

Gingili and Castor Oil:
1 cup Gingili oil
1 cup Castor oil
1 Sprig Curry leaves

Heat all three together. Cool and strain. Warm the oil before use.




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