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Weight Reduction

Food is a source of energy and has fattening tendencies, but some foodstuffs are more fattening than others. For example, fats are more than carbohydrates and proteins. Energy and fattening potential of food is measured in calories. Foodstuffs vary in caloric content due to two reasons: Firstly because of the amount of fats, proteins and carbohydrates content. Secondly, due to the amount of water content, which has zero calories. Even the energy we spend working or exercising is measured in calories. The basis of a "calorie control" diet is restricting the calorie intake, while using more number of calories. This results in the body deriving more stores to fill the energy gap and you begin to lose weight

On a weight reducing diet always avoid:

* Fried and greasy food.
* Sweets: Honey, ice-creams, cakes, pastries, jams, chocolates and candies.
* Dry fruits and nuts- Peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts, etc.
* All alcoholic drinks.
* Fruits like bananas, grapes, mangoes, strawberries.
* Vegetables like potatoes and other tubers.

You can have-

1.Salads: Carrots, radish, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and lettuce.
2.Drinks: Clear Soups, lemon Juice and Buttermilk.


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